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Authentic Products

Brought to you by authentic Greek farmers

The company
We are a company  which imports premium Greek products from small local farmers and aims to bring the traditional Mediterranean diet and all its health benefits to your local markets. 


Greece is a land with special characteristics which are visible everywhere: in the climate , in the Greek people’s character, in the intellectual and historical achievements and in the nutritional education of the people.
The mainland with its mountainous regions and the coastal areas and islands with their long curved beaches provide a wide variety of micro-climates and rich land. Every area in Greece can produce products of unique quality and taste.
The cultural foundation of our people is strongly linked to their dietary habits. The Greek people have acquired tremendous experience in the production of fresh and processed food products since ancient times.
Throughout history, Greek families have always made good use of their local products which are of exceptional quality and taste. They have not only used them in their daily cooking but they have also stored sufficient amounts of food after processing them at home. In this way they did not waste anything and they were able to secure their food supplies for long periods of time, mainly during winter.

 The company organizes all the procedures of production adhering to the ISO 22000/2018 standards for food safety and quality, incorporating in these procedures its values and producing its unique products.

Our products constitute a new category of food and have already found their place in most of the big and small Greek supermarket chains, while they are also being distributed all over Greece through selected representatives.

The company aspires to grow in exports by recommending to its collaborators, who are outside of Greece, products that will satisfy the nutritional needs of the consumers in the countries where they operate.

Our company aims to offer to all consumers the ability to enjoy food of a higher quality, advocating the Greek nutritional experience compliant with the Mediterranean diet. All that with respect for the individual, the society and the environment, honouring our promises to our consumers and collaborators.

Quality and Variety

The consumption of fresh and unprocessed foods must be our overriding concern as regards the protection ofhealth.

The company offers you this ability by producing products of high nutritional value from raw materials of the highest quality and ingredients appropriate for daily consumption in accordance with a balanced, Mediterranean Diet. Foods without any taste, color and aroma enhancers.

The variety. No food is the same as any other, each one has a unique composition of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, antioxidants and amino acids. What is missing from one food, another has it in abundance. 

We creates for you products that support variety, as they combine pulses with grains and contain plenty of herbs and spices. They could be considered super foods, as every bite provides our body with the total of macronutrients and micronutrients that are essential for maintaining our health.  


These values are accompanied by the modern and certified methods for quality production and packaging that the company follows.

In this way, we serve the nutritional needs of contemporary life with products that:

    1. Are of high quality and safeguard our health, contributing to wellness and vigor.

    2. Satisfy our sense of taste with the variety of the appropriate herbs and spices that they contain

    3. Derive from the local, nutritional tradition as well as from the customs of other neighboring Mediterranean people that have prevailed worldwide.

    4. Are cooked easily and fast, without however, being pre-cooked.

    5. Maintain all their nutritionally beneficial properties.                          


The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean type of diet meets all the prerequisites of a balanced, healthy diet. A variety of studies conducted from time to time, reveal that the key ingredients of the Mediterranean nutritional model contribute to health and wellness and to the protection against numerous chronic diseases.


Olive oil, fish, vegetables, fruit, grains and pulses are at the foundation of the Mediterranean diet. These kinds of foods must be consumed in large quantities, dairy products in smaller amounts while meat should be consumed sparingly.

Nutritional Recommendations

1. Consume plant-based proteins to drastically reduce the intake of saturated fats and cholesterol, that are always present in animal-based foods.

2. To maintain fat intake at low levels, use limited amounts of olive oil, margarine, sauces, mayonnaise and butter, when cooking vegetables and grains.

3. Use nuts and seeds that are rich in oil to enrich your breakfast or as a tasty addition to soups, pasta, salads, whole-wheat grains, pulses and vegetables.

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