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Black Trumpet Basmati Rice Pilaf 350gr


they facilitate and spice up our diet 


Rice pilaf with Indian Basmati and wild mushroom black trumpet…ideal for main course or appetizer

Middle Eastern recipe, for a balanced diet! The aromatic basmati rice is ideally combined with mushrooms and curry in a Middle Eastern, tasteful way, filled with the Mediterranean aromas of onions and garlic, rosemary and turmeric!

INGREDIENTS: Indian basmati rice 90%, dried onions, red peppers and garlic, vegetable stock (salt, sugar, onions, yeast extract, carrots, parsley, and turmeric) black trumpet mushroom 1%, shiitake mushroom 1%, herbs and spices.


ΑΝΑ/PER 100gr

Ενέργεια (energy)


Λιπαρά (fat)


εκ΄ των οποίων  κορεσμένα

(of which saturates)


Υδατάνθρακες (carbohydrate)


εκ΄ των οποίων  ζάχαρα

(of which sugars)


Εδώδιμες ίνες (fiber)


Πρωτεΐνες (protein)


Αλάτι (salt)


This is a product rich in carbohydrates and B-complex vitamins. The mushrooms provide a significant amount of proteins and in combination with the micronutrients that turmeric offers- which enhance the nervous system-as well as with the micronutrients of rosemary-an antimicrobial and antibacterial herb- the product forms a well-balanced meal that caters for all our bodily needs.

Easy to Cook

Rice Pilaf

In 5 cups of water and ½ cup of olive oil, add the rice and stir only at the beginning. Cover it and reduce the heat. When the boiling is over, remove from heat and let it stand, add salt and serve. To make it spicier, sauté the product without the mushrooms and add wine. Proceed with the boiling process, adding the water along with the mushrooms. A delicious appetizer or a side dish with chicken cooked in the oven.      

Indian Basmati Rice Pilaf

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