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Porcini Orzo 350gr

qualitative, fast and tasteful


Orzo with porcini, shiitake, dried vegetables and herbs. The best appetizer, side dish or main course.

A modern Greek recipe, resembling the Italian risotto recipe. Delicious and easy to cook! Made for those who desire to have a balanced and healthy diet without sacrificing taste and valuable time.

INGREDIENTS: Orzo 87%, dried carrots, vegetable stock (salt, sugar, yeast extract, onions, carrots, parsley, turmeric) porcini 2%, shiitake 2%, dried onions, garlic and tomatoes, black pepper.


ΑΝΑ/PER 100gr

Ενέργεια (energy)


Λιπαρά (fat)


εκ΄ των οποίων  κορεσμένα

(of which saturates)


Υδατάνθρακες (carbohydrate)


εκ΄ των οποίων  ζάχαρα

(of which sugars)


Εδώδιμες ίνες (fiber)


Πρωτεΐνες (protein)


Αλάτι (salt)


Porcini Orzo contains carbohydrates from orzo and proteins from wild mushrooms. Mushrooms, rich in vitamin B12, can perfectly replace meat. Along with the beneficial micronutrients that garlic and onions contain, you get a full meal, ideal for a vegetarian diet or fasting.


Easy to Cook

Orzo prepared like risotto

4 ½ cups of water per 1 cup of product.

Take the mushrooms out of the product and add them to the water. Bring water to a boiling point. Slightly sauté the rest of the product and add white wine. Add some tomato sauce and ¼ of the boiling water along with the mushrooms. Reduce the heat and steadily add the rest of the water while stirring. Remove from heat before the water is fully absorbed and let it cool. Add butter and parmesan or feta, stir until they melt, add salt and serve!

Suggestion: try it as a side dish with beef casserole!  

Orzo Porcini

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