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Risotto Classico 400gr


they facilitate and spice up our diet


Risotto Classico with herbs and spices. Tasteful…ideal for chicken, pork, seafood or mushroom risotto.

The combination of herbs and spices create a delicious meal. A solution for a quick yet tasty meal, a creative appetizer or side dish.

INGREDIENTS: Carolina rice 88%, dried onions and carrots, vegetable stock (salt, sugar, yeast extract, onions, carrots, parsley, turmeric) garlic, red peppers and dried tomato, spices.


ΑΝΑ/PER 100gr

Ενέργεια (energy)


Λιπαρά (fat)


εκ΄ των οποίων  κορεσμένα

(of which saturates)


Υδατάνθρακες (carbohydrate)


εκ΄ των οποίων  ζάχαρα

(of which sugars)


Εδώδιμες ίνες (fiber)


Πρωτεΐνες (protein)


Αλάτι (salt)


A classic and lovely combination of ingredients of the Greek cuisine that is an important source of carbohydrates and trace minerals. It can be combined with various ingredients resulting in a delicious meal that promotes health and vigor!


Easy to Cook

Bring 5 cups of water to boiling point. Sauté the product in ½ cup of oil or butter. Add 1 cup of white wine. Once the alcohol has evaporated, add ¼ of the boiled water and stir. Steadily add water and stir continuously. Before all the liquid is absorbed, remove from heat and add butter and parmesan. Stir and serve!

You can create irresistible fine-dining meals by adding meat when sautéing the product or seafood before the end of the boiling process.

 Try it as stuffing for peppers cooked in the oven or as a side dish with meat cooked in the oven.     

Risotto Classico

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