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Balanced Mediterranean Diet

Ready Meals
By combining the local rice of Serres, mainly Carolina rice, with suitable mixes of dehydrated aromatic plants, wild mushrooms and spices, we have created products that are ready-to-use for many cooking purposes.Wild mushrooms are considered to be an ideal food source and the value of certain types has surpassed the price of black caviar. Besides their exceptional taste and unique aroma, they have the advantage of being free of chemical fertilizers, hormones and pesticides.Mixing these wild mushrooms with rice, a food staple, results in a superb combination with a rich taste.Enjoy mushroom pilaf, porcini risotto, trumpet bulgar and Agrimon mushroom soup.
The mainland with its mountainous regions and the coastal areas and islands with their long curved beaches provide a wide variety of micro-climates and rich land. Every area in Greece can produce products of unique quality and taste. The cultural foundation of our people is strongly linked to their dietary habits. The Greek people have acquired tremendous experience in the production of fresh and processed food products since ancient times.
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