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Its beneficial effects have a huge range. It contains B-complex vitamins, vitamins C, D, Biotin, Inositol, sufficient amounts of active carotenoids and vitamin E. Rich in amino acids and proteins. We know that Pollen detoxifies the liver and helps the pancreas. Its combination with Honey helps the body burn fat and lose weight. At the same time, it settles on the surfaces of the digestive tract, exerting a therapeutic effect on any ulcers.

It acts on the genetic glands of men and women. In prostate problems and as a treatment against dysmenorrhea, premenstrual tension and irregular periods. Improves general sexual condition, helps mental function, strengthens the heart and has a diuretic effect. It regulates appetite and blood sugar levels and is especially recommended for weakness and general weakening of the body, weight control as a treatment against intestinal and digestive disorders, as a shield against viruses, colds and other infections. It positively affects the quality of hair growth, hair colour, improves the healing rate of wounds, internal and external and accelerates recovery from illness.

Promotes good physical condition of body and mind. Anxiolytic, gives well-being, euphoria, improves mental abilities by fighting anxiety, stress, depression and insomnia. Protects against stroke and heart disease, balances red blood cells. Has a positive effect on rheumatism and arthritis, skin and vision problems. It has beneficial effects even on Parkinson's disease, diabetes, and brain disorders.

2-3 tea spoon daily with your tea, yogurt, granola, juice or enjoy the granules on their own. 150gr

Bee Pollen 150gr

SKU: AG-3555562
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