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1. Ready to Cook Lentils

a balanced diet for wellness and vigor


Ready to Cook Lentils…for soup or lentil salad

​A classic lentil soup recipe enriched with herbs and spices that take flavor to the next level! A tasty, easy to make and nutritious meal.

INGREDIENTS: Lentils from Farsala (52%), Imported Red and Black Lentils, dried carrots, vegetable stock (salt, sugar, yeast extract, onion, carrot, parsley, turmeric), dried onions, potatoes, garlic & leek, cumin, parsley, black pepper.


​Lentils are a great plant-based source of iron and combined with potatoes, which are included in the product, provide us with all the essential amino acids. Cumin is beneficial for digestion, contributes to the absorption of iron and helps prevent common cold.

Easy to Cook Soup

In a pot, boil the lentils for 10-12 minutes, adding tomato sauce, salt and olive oil.


Boil the lentils for at least 2 minutes without tomato or olive oil. Once they are cold, add chopped tomatoes and cucumber, fresh herbs, olive oil and vinegar. Add salt and serve!

It can be served as a side dish with smoked fish or cured with salt products.



2. Pulses Mixture with Groats and Laurel

for a tasty and healthy Mediterranean diet


Pulses Mixture with groats and laurel…salad or soup

Rooted in the old days and the Greek tradition in honor of Holy Mary and in hope of successfully sowing seeds! A mixture of pulses with groats and laurel. Easy to cook as a salad or a soup with exquisite flavor! For those who desire a high-quality and well-balanced diet that provides support in the challenges of everyday life!

INGREDIENTS: Great Northern Beans 12%, Medium Chickpeas 11%, Large Chickpeas – Mid-sized Lentils- Small-sized Lentils –Groats -Split Peas and Peas 8%, Black Beans and Black-eyed Peas 7%, Red Lentils and Cranberry Beans 6%, laurel 0.1%. Carefully selected pulses and cracked, parboiled wheat (groats) from places of the world that produce them in the highest quality!  

Pulses are particularly rich in plant-based proteins, carbohydrates and fibre. They are, undoubtedly, highly nutritional and universally renowned. Combined with the carbohydrates that the groats offer, they make a delicious and nutritionally full meal!


Easy to cook

Soak the product for 6-7 hours. Boil in a pot for 30-40 minutes or for 12-15 in a pressure cooker.

Pulses salad


Adjust the amount of water according to whether you prefer a mushy result or not. The pulses that boil faster will become a delicious mush. Let them absorb all water and let it cool. Add onions and chopped parsley. Serve with extra virgin olive oil and lemon, and sprinkle salt according to your preferences! You can also use it to enrich a variety of vegetable salads.




Cooked in the same way that bean soup is cooked. If preferred, you can sauté the onions, herbs and spices that you are going to use, just before adding them to the recipe. Next add tomato and water and at the end of the boiling process, add olive oil. If you prefer a rather velvety texture, purée the soup with an immersion blender, add salt and pepper and serve.


3. Wild Porcini Mushroom Soup

for health, strength and vigor


Mushroom Soup with wild mushroom porcini, black trumpet and shiitake. A highly nutritious and tasty appetizer or meal.

The distinctive flavour of wild mushrooms, in combination with herbs and spices, create a plate full of flavours. The ideal choice for those who desire a high-quality and tasteful diet that safeguards their health!

INGREDIENTS: Cracked Carolina Rice 33.5%, glutinous rice 20%, groats 24%, dried carrots, potato flakes, corn starch, salt, dried tomato, porcini mushrooms 2%, black trumpet mushrooms 1.5%, shiitake mushrooms 1.5%, dried onions, garlic & spearmint, turmeric and white pepper.

Wild mushrooms carry proteins and B12 vitamin while herbs and spices carry micronutrients, making mushroom soup a meal that answers the need for a balanced diet. Additionally, turmeric protects against various neurodegenerative diseases thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. A product rich in flavour that contributes to longevity!

Easy to Cook


In 8 cups of water, add ½ cup of olive oil and 1 cup of the product and simmer for about 15 minutes. For stronger taste, slightly sauté the product and add white wine before the boiling point. If you prefer a rather velvety texture, purée the soup with an immersion blender. Serve with yoghurt, bacon, crouton or anything you like, adjusting salt and pepper to your preferences!


4. Tabouleh Groats  


Description: Tabbouleh…salad, appetiser or side dishA classic Mediterranean meal, Enrich it with fresh vegetables and herbs. A high-quality, pure nutrition that meets our needs for energy in our everyday lives!

INGREDIENTS: Wheat groats (gluten) 92%, dried tomato, onion & carrots, dried garlic, parsley, spearmint, cumin, allspice and pepper.

​ Nutrition FactsPer 100g​1652 kj / 391 kcalFat1,44 gr​Nutritional ValueThis salad contributes highly to a well-balanced diet. It is a meal rich in fibre, vitamins, potassium and sodium. Wheat groats offer carbohydrates and a substantial amount of B-complex vitamins which are necessary for the proper functioning of the metabolic and nervous system.

Easy to Cook

  • Fresh Salad

Add 1 cup of the product in 2 ½ cups of boiled water and leave it until the water is absorbed. If needed, add more water. Let it cool. If you prefer it, add chopped tomatoes, cucumber, dill, spearmint, dried figs, and pomegranate, anything available in your kitchen! Serve with extra virgin olive oil, lemon and salt.

Tabbouleh-Pulses-Mushrooms Soup. Set of 4. C

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