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Tabbouleh Groats 400gr


Description: Tabbouleh…salad, appetiser or side dish

A classic Mediterranean meal, originating from Palestinian cuisine! Enrich it with fresh vegetables and herbs. A high-quality, pure nutrition that meets our needs for energy in our everyday lives!  


INGREDIENTS: Wheat groats (gluten) 92%, dried tomato, onion & carrots, dried garlic, parsley, spearmint, cumin, allspice and pepper.


Nutrition Facts

Per 100g

1652 kj / 391 kcal


1,44 gr

Nutritional Value

This salad contributes highly to a well-balanced diet. It is a meal rich in fibre, vitamins, potassium and sodium. Wheat groats offer carbohydrates and a substantial amount of B-complex vitamins which are necessary for the proper functioning of the metabolic and nervous system.


Easy to Cook

  • Fresh Salad

Add 1 cup of the product in 2 ½ cups of boiled water and leave it until the water is absorbed. If needed, add more water. Let it cool. If you prefer it, add chopped tomatoes, cucumber, dill, spearmint, dried figs, and pomegranate, anything available in your kitchen! Serve with extra virgin olive oil, lemon and salt.


  • Appetiser or Side dish

Add 1 cup of product in 3 cups of water, olive oil and salt and bring it to a simmer. Leave it until all the liquid is absorbed. Let it cool and serve with yoghurt or as a side dish with meat or fish.

Tabbouleh with Spices & Herbs

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